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Manufacturer's Sales Representative - CMTC BUSINESS CORP, work from home

Job Posting

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Company Name:


Job Title:

Manufacturer's Sales Representative


Job Location:

Work from Home

Terms of Employment:


Hours per Week:


Varied Shifts:


Days of the Week Required:


Hourly Wage:

Commission rate of 35% of the gross profit from the orders you generate.

Job Description:

  • Our Company:
    • CMTC Business Corporation (aka Canada Mostin) is headquartered in Markham, ON.
    • We own a large factory in China where we manufacture products to meet the needs of the promotional products industry worldwide.
    • We manufacture from a wide range of raw materials like plastic, metal, silicone, fabric, and paper; to make products such as apparel, bags, hats, lanyards, pens, keychains, embroidery, pins, stationery items, technology items, signs etc.
    • Basically, if someone wants a logo on it, we can make it (95% of the time).
    • Our products are molded, mass-produced, packaged and shipped from our factory in China.
    • We are extremely aggressive pricing wise against competition and will beat any other quote by 10% (allowing us to win many orders).
    • This job is exciting in that every day we are making something different.  Here are some projects we have worked on in the past 3 months:
      • 45,000 jerseys for an NHL team
      • 100,000 tote bags for a major mobile carrier
      • 50,000 hotel door cards
      • serving trays for a Mardi Gras parade
      • 1,000 cargo bags for a medical supply company
      • 7,500 earbuds for a non-profit 
  • Your job:
    • You will be given a customer list and territory to cultivate orders from and work with the China team to ensure that orders are delivered excellently as per the customers’ expectations.
    • There will be opportunities for you to occasionally attend promo tradeshows (not mandatory, but beneficial to quickly make connections). 
  • Pay:
    • Commission rate of 35% of the gross profit from the orders you generate. Example:
      • Your customer needs 10,000 t-shirts
      • The factory quotes you $1.00 USD per shirt
      • You quote the customer $2.00 USD per shirt
      • Gross profit = $1.00 USD per unit
      • You get paid .35 USD per unit (x 10,000)
      • You make $3,500 USD commission  
  • You will be working directly for the VP of Sales – “China Mike”
    • You will train on site for 3 days at the Barrie, Ontario field office
    • If you live too far away, training over the phone might be an option
    • Training lasts about 3 days on site then tele training will continue afterward as required
    • After training, you will work from your own home office
    • You will set your own hours  

Qualifications: phone, computer, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook)  

Certificates or Licenses Required: N/A



  • Send the following to
    • Resume
    • Your Linkedin profile (if you have one)
    • A cover letter addressing the following:
      • Describe your experience in sales.
      • Why would you be successful in a commissioned sales job?
      • Why can you be disciplined working from home?
      • Why can you be disciplined setting your own hours?
      • Any other reasons you should be chosen.
      • Additional info:
        • We are hiring approximately 7-10 people immediately.
        • If this add is still posted, then I am still hiring. 


  • Due to the nature of the job, in that you are working from home and communicating with customers through phone and email, you are able to live and work from anywhere with internet and cell service.  On-site training in Barrie is preferred, but we can work around it if the fit is right. 

International opportunities:

  • We ship all over the world.
  • If you are not comfortable with English and you can speak another language well, you could easily work from home in Canada and be a rep in your home country. Examples: you speak Spanish – you become our rep in Spain, Mexico, Chile or in Spanish speaking areas in Canada/USA; if you speak Arabic – you become our rep in the Middle East etc. 

Contact Name: “China Mike”


For Office Use Only: CC-SE 2192

Date Posted: November 20th 2017