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Wage Incentives / Apprenticeship Signing Bonus

The professional Employment Developers of the Career Centre can assess an employer's eligibility to receive an incentive to offset some of the training expenses related to a new hire and/or to the hiring of an apprentice.

Incentives may be available as a wage subsidy, as an employer signing bonus for hiring an apprentice, or both.

Incentives are negotiated between the Career Centre and the employer. Amounts may range from $1500.00 to a maximum of $8000.00 with a maximum duration of 52 weeks. The Employment Developers at the Career Centre will also provide job coaching, job mentoring and job retention services on an as needed basis for individuals selected through the services of the Career Centre.

To make arrangements for a meeting with an Employment Developer, please contact the Career Centre at: 705-725-8990 Ext. 45223 or email us.