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JOB POST #3925-2023

Assistance Maintenance Supervisor

Date Posted: February 14th, 2023 Date Closing: March 13th, 2023

Essa & District Agricultural Society (EDAS)
Assistant Maintenance Supervisor reporting to General Manager (GM)
Year 2023 (Starting March 31st, 2023)
Assistant Maintenance Supervisor works under the direction of the General Manager/Maintenance Supervisor
and is responsible for performing an array of maintenance and facility duties to ensure the daily operation of EDAS
properties. Event and weekend support becomes a part of weekly tasks; the position will need to be adaptable to meet the ongoing challenges facing the EDAS. Ultimately, all EDAS staff report to and work for the Board of Directors, this  means that occasional projects or tasks may be requested by the Board.
Responsibilities Include:
 Maintenance of facilities and properties owned and operated by the EDAS. Managing oversight related to
landscaping, horticulture, sand/fibre horse ring operation, snow removal, and all standard building repair and
function. Responsible for inspection and upkeep of safety equipment, supplies, and general labour standards on
 Ongoing maintenance, inspection and recordkeeping for facility tractors, equipment and shop operation.
 Maintain all water infrastructure following proper usage regulations. Monitoring fire safety equipment and
systems to the standard required by Federal, Provincial and municipal law. Completion and filing of records and
logs related to systems operating at the Essa Agriplex.
 Provide event support April to November, including preparation, operation and take down of rentals on EDAS
property. Weekend work and irregular hours expected. Scheduling of appropriate maintenance staff to support
seasonal events, ensure timely service and rental client support throughout their events.
 Work with administration and the Board of Directors in assessing equipment requirements, service contracts,
and lease agreements.
 Coordinate the hiring, supervision, training, and shift scheduling of maintenance staff to support EDAS
operations; this includes the creation of employment contracts. Final approval from the General Manager is
required prior to sending out any offers of employment or discussions of wage rates. All maintenance staff will
require proof of safety training or undergo training prior to starting their first day of employment with the EDAS.
It is the responsibility of the Assistant Maintenance Supervisor to ensure that work schedules, policies and
procedures are in place for all incoming maintenance staff. This includes the management of sick days and
 Ensure all maintenance staff comply with training and workplace safety requirements. This includes managing
WHMIS certification, first aid training or any additional workplace certification. Oversight of incident reporting
and injury documentation.
 Prepare facility reports on a monthly basis or as required for the Board of Directors and General Manager.
 Provide notice of any visitors/contractors scheduled to arrive at EDAS property. Workdays and weekly schedule
for the Assistant Maintenance Supervisor will be set in advance and followed for the majority of the year.
Flexibility to this schedule will occur during Barrie Fair time, property rentals, EDAS events, or the off-season.
 Provide an electronic timecard tracking all hours worked, submitted every 2 weeks for payroll completion. For
ease of bookkeeping, the Assistant Maintenance Supervisor will be paid bi-weekly for up to 88 hours of service.
Hours logged over 88 will be banked and used in a future pay period or saved for use during the off-season.
Overtime will only be paid upon approval from the General Manager and must be agreed upon in advance. Any
work done outside of EDAS Property must be thoroughly documented and approved.
 A full inventory of tools and equipment currently owned by the EDAS will be taken annually for record keeping
and general maintenance. Conduct the purchase (upon approval) and maintenance of tools for the EDAS, this
includes the occasional use of an EDAS credit card when supplier charge accounts are not available. A monthly
report will be provided with updates on new purchases as well as broken/discarded equipment/tools.
The Assistant Maintenance Supervisor will be paid at an hourly rate of $18.00 – $23.00 per hour based on experience. 0.5 hours of unpaid time will be deducted for lunch each workday for those workdays over 6 hours. Access will be  provided to the EDAS sponsored vehicle, when available, for any projects concerning EDAS business. It is expected that the Assistant Maintenance Supervisor will use this company vehicle for all business related trips to and from EDAS property. A personal vehicle is ONLY to be used under special circumstances when the sponsored vehicle is not available.  When a personal vehicle is required for travel, the rate published by the CRA per km will apply.
A deduction from each pay period will be collected and calculated following Provincial guidelines. Vacation time must be submitted at least 4 months in advance for approval and not conflict with any major EDAS seasonal events, including the Barrie Fair.

How to Apply:

Please email with your resume to apply.  

Please reference this job posting in your email: JOB POSTING #3925-2023